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Ceramic tile or porcelain style? What will your renovation include?

There's no doubt that both porcelain and ceramic tile look fabulous in any space, be it a small powder room, or a massive master bedroom. But, aside from eye-catching appeal, are these tiles a good choice for home renovations? Are they reliable? Will they last long? How easy are they to clean? Homeowners ask our Menke Inc. showroom flooring experts tons of questions, and these are just a few of them. To get some answers, read on!

Ceramic and porcelain tile: versatile design

Are you looking for a truly versatile tile for both walls and floors? If so, ceramic and porcelain tile won't ever disappoint. When it comes to design and style, you just can't beat tile as it's incredibly versatile. Add it to a kitchen as a splashback or countertop, a bathroom as a shower tile, or to an accent wall for a beautiful, dramatic focal point sure to stun anyone who visits. Porcelain and ceramic tile are available in a vast array of colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and sizes. In fact, there are countless options to choose from, so you may just have a hard time deciding which tile to purchase!
Ceramic tile flooring in Albany, TX from Menke Inc

Ceramic and porcelain tile: built for strength and durability

Don't be fooled by how fragile tile looks, because it is anything but weak. Once you get to know ceramic and porcelain, you'll understand how strong and durable a material it is. Long-lasting and hard-wearing, tile is also super easy to clean, so maintenance won't waste your time. Not only is tile tough, but it's also fade-resistant, and an excellent option for allergy-suffers, especially those with pets and kids, as tile doesn't hold onto dander, pet hair, dirt, or other airborne nasties. Did your kid spill milk on the floor again? With tile, it takes mere seconds to clean that mess.

Ceramic and porcelain tile: easy installation and maintenance

Since porcelain and ceramic tiles are standardized as well as tested, installing and maintaining them is super simple. So that rustic mosaic tile, retro subway tile or highly-engineered rectified tile will be a quick installation job. Still not impressed? Well, what if ceramic and porcelain tile were also budget-friendly? No matter the budget, you'll have no issue finding the perfect tile for your next redesign.

Homeowners, if you're about to start a home redesign, but are not quite sure where to go for honest, knowledgeable, friendly advice? Look no further than Menke Inc. for all of your flooring questions. Stop by our showroom in Abilene, TX that services the Sweetwater, Wylie, Breckenridge, and Albany regions, and have a chat with our flooring pros about ceramic and porcelain tile.

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