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Luxury vinyl plank flooring for flawless floors

High-definition luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring will completely revolutionize your next home makeover, so get ready to be amazed! Nowadays, thanks to technologically advanced 3D printing technology, you can make a huge visual impact throughout your house with this impressive flooring. It's no wonder why it's become so popular with interior designers and architects. So, are you still wondering why you should opt for this type of floor?

LVP is incredibly affordable

Need something budget-friendly? Then, you've come to the right flooring! The great thing is, you can save a pretty penny, all while purchasing a premium product that looks too good to be true. If you're looking for value and flooring that will leave your visitors reeling over how fantastic it looks, then LVP won't disappoint.

LVP is super trendy, super fashionable

Is there such a thing as fashionable flooring? Yes, and everyone's talking about luxury vinyl planks! The great thing is, you can install this flooring in any room as it blends in seamlessly with any decor, from contemporary spaces to formal places. Not only can you get LVP in just about any color and grain, but you can also purchase this flooring with textures too. Remember that advanced technology we mentioned? With today's evolved flooring trends, you can have a stone, marble, hardwood, or porcelain look-alike LVP.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Abilene, TX from Menke Inc

LVP is ultra comfortable

For an ultra-comfortable flooring that's pleasant for your feet, LVP provides a cushioning underfoot that also acts as insulation to dampen sound throughout the house. Allergy sufferers will love the surface coating as it is antimicrobial, killing bacteria on contact.

LVP is unbelievably easy to keep clean

With a quick sweep and a simple mop, presto, you're done with the floor cleaning! Luxury vinyl plank is easy to clean, but it won't delaminate, discolor or chip, making it an ideal flooring alternative for rooms that see a lot of foot-traffic. Also, as it's water-resistant. You can install this lovely flooring in moisture-prone areas like laundry rooms, basements, and bathrooms.

For honest flooring advice and friendly showroom pros, look no further than the Menke Inc. showroom in Abilene, TX. Servicing the Sweetwater, Wylie, Breckenridge, and Albany regions, we'd be more than happy to chat about luxury vinyl plank flooring, and help you figure out what you'll need for your next home renovation.

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