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Are you hunting for a truly luxurious carpet flooring that provides warmth, style, and comfort? If so, you'll be glad to know that premium carpeting has many other unique qualities that make it one extraordinary flooring option for home redesigns. But, if you're still not sure about carpeting, you'll want to read why some homeowners love this quality flooring.

Quality carpet feels amazing

There's simply nothing as warm and cozy as quality carpet underfoot. Ever curl up in front of a roaring fire on a cold wood floor? That's because carpet feels amazing, as it is soft, smooth, and easier on the body. Visually, it also provides a home with the appearance of softness and welcoming warmth.

Quality carpet adds style

Carpeting is a decorative element in and of itself. Since there's so many colors, pile heights, fiber styles and patterns to choose from, you can create just about any image you want for your home. Use it as a backdrop, draw it out as a focal piece, or mix and match it with your decor. The sky's the limit!

Quality carpet increases safety

Does your household include seniors or children? To increase safety in the home, you'll want to add carpeting as it minimizes slipping, tripping and falling. Should an accident occur nonetheless, you'll have that extra padding to reduce injuries.

Quality carpet provides insulation

Who doesn't want to save money on heating costs? Carpet is a very efficient insulator, keeping heating costs down and cozy toes happy.

Quality carpet absorbs acoustics

Sound absorption is yet another fantastic feature, giving homeowners a quieter indoor environment. For further sound absorption, you can have extra padding installed under carpeting.

Quality carpet traps airborne pollutants

Allergy and asthma sufferers, you may be surprised to learn that carpets don't hinder breathing issues, they help them, by trapping airborne nasties like dander, pollen, dust, and pet hair. Carpet fibers retain these pollutants and irritants until it's time to vacuum.

Is there a home redesign that has you stumped? Do you have no clue where to shop for flooring? If so, you'll want to talk to the helpful flooring pros at Menke Inc. for all of your renovation questions. Our Abilene, TX showroom services the Sweetwater, Wylie, Breckenridge, and Albany regions, so come on by and learn more about carpet floors.

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