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Take advantage of area rugs where you need them most

When it comes to area rugs, many homeowners think they are very much akin to welcome mats or bath rugs. If you are in this category, allow us to give you more beneficial information on these wonderful pieces of flooring. They offer amazing capabilities for decor and interior design, available in a wide array of colors, fibers, patterns as well as different shapes and sizes. You can even choose your favorite binding, making these perfect for any room in your home. They’re also highly useful in situations that call for protection of your underlying floor as well.

At Menke Inc, we provide our customers with extensive high-quality floor coverings and professional services with a strict commitment to complete customer satisfaction. When you stop into our Abilene, TX showroom, you’ll be met with a friendly, no-hassle shopping experience while also having access to the immense knowledge base of the associates who are there to assist you. We proudly serve the areas of Abilene, Wylie, Sweetwater, Breckenridge, and Albany, and we look forward to meeting all your flooring needs as well.
Stylish area rugs in Sweetwater, TX from Menke Inc

Area rugs doing what they do best

For homeowners who have heavy pieces of furniture, area rugs could easily become your best friend. These pieces can create havoc on the flooring they sit on, creating dents and impressions in hard surface flooring and completely crushing carpet. These rugs, when placed underneath the furniture, can help to alleviate some of the damage by taking on the brunt of the impact. When, at some point, you decide to move that furniture, you’ll quickly see why these rugs are a great investment.

Area rugs can also be used in strategic locations to catch dirt and debris that would eventually find its way onto your flooring where it could stain or create foul smells. When dirt gets embedded into your carpet, it can go on to create dingy-looking floors and harbor the bacteria that can create offensive odors as well. Using these rugs is a great way to be rid of those things once and for all.

One of the nicest things about area rugs is that they are portable. Not only can you move them from room to room when you prefer a different look, but you can also remove them from your home in order to clean them. Overall, it’s a great opportunity to keep your floors protected and looking great at all times.

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